A finely balanced juxtaposition of “field recordings, scored segments for acoustic instruments and electronically generated sounds” constitutes the signature of composer Olivia Block, whose “Change ringing” – in its 30+ minutes – is a good representation of the dynamic phenomena and secret relationships between the single parts that she loves to apply to her music. Fifteen of the most accomplished improvisers (among them Kyle Bruckmann, Jeb Bishop, Bhob Rainey) lend their instrumental voices during the liveliest sections of a disc which – in various instances – recalls the work of artists as diverse as David Behrman, Christof Kurzmann, Lionel Marchetti, Voice Crack; yet, don’t be influenced by these comparisons, as the crafty care for the sonic circumstances which Block puts throughout the piece expands the sound up to a high degree of contrasted linearity and morphing electro-biology in perfect self-disposition as the time goes by. A rare case of multi-faceted psychoacoustic structure within the impalpable borders of unpredictability.