(Twenty Hertz)

When I listen to Paul Bradley’s drifting sound spheres I’m always sure there will be no flirtatious convenience to entice listeners, as all his drone-based compositions are made of floating intensity and recurring proportionalities which transform the act of aural observation in a list of pure pleasures. The three tracks in “Anamnesis” move slowly as usual, giving their progression a regular spin that’s just perfectly clear to the ears; the frequencies automatically find their own place around the body, giving us the illusion of being swimming in a crystal river where resonance and space maintain dual control over the parallel dimension we’re transported in since the very beginning. The best overall piece here is “Irenic”, a really radiant stratification of subterranean essences whose uncoiling evolution forces me to stop even the slightest movement to better pick up the vibrational harmony of this pragmatic abstraction.