(Twenty Hertz)

After listening to their “Droneworks” I was pretty sure that Paul Bradley and Colin Potter would have knocked me down with some serious low-register electro cooperation; naturally, the three movements of “Confluence” confirm that I was expecting the right thing. The disc starts with crossing ascending/descending slow notes establishing a sort of non-secure feeling, to which one immediately gets used and cannot renounce at the end. The second track is a masterful drone exploration that’s probably able to heal several of the unspecified nerve diseases characterizing everyday’s life. Finally, to understand the capturing magnitude of “Confluence 3″ I just had to look at my wife, abruptly falling into a torpor/REM state while reading; extreme spacial rumblings and reverberations seemingly out of unknown caverns, slightly bathed in strange interferences, accompany your thoughts for ten minutes of complete existential immobility.


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