(Twenty Hertz)

Always a delight receiving reports by Mr. Bradley, who over the years has been doing everything in his authority to contrast my pessimistic views about the growing ineptitude of the mass of droning amateurs affecting the world. The core of the matter is that we’re not dealing with a dabbler but a serious composer, his choice of tinges and configurations – as shapeless as the latter may be – reflected into some of the most spellbinding electronic works of the last decade. At this particular juncture, we have two versions of the same idea: “Consumed” is in fact a double disc (DVDr/CDr), so that one can decide if exclusively benefit from the music or associating it to a pictorial content. Speaking of which, the images are as intangible as the related sonic matter, a series of blurred saturated colours with a few flashing lights contributing to the state of downright trance that wraps the watcher only moments after the start. Says Bradley: “the origin of the sounds and the concept behind creating them is ultimately unimportant for the listeners (…) who will create their own emotional responses”. Exactly: while the sheer existence of those peaceful radiations – whose slightly modified stillness is a joy to the ears – is sufficient to file “Consumed” as an outstanding release per se, the practice of remaining stuck to our seat in stunned contemplation, looking transfixed at the screen as the vibrational currents flow, is perhaps preferable. The man doesn’t know how to shoot a blank indeed.


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