(Twenty Hertz)

I don’t know if “Moraines” was originally conceived as a soundtrack but most certainly sounds like one. Bradley and Cria Cuervos assembled their deep-frequency based subterranean hums – once in a while slightly modified by the appearance of more biological sounds – like if they needed some sort of audio documentary for an installation (or an aquarium; good comparisons could be found with Michel Redolfi’s and Vidna Obmana/Hybryds’ past work in that area, as sounds of water are well in evidence in the most relaxing segments). The music moves very gradually, almost afraid of waking us up from a state of torpor; blurred pictures of peculiar forms of life slide in front of us without interruption, at times reinforced with resounding low vibrations. Not groundbreaking, but well worth a careful listen, this is an accomplished ambient coalescence.