(Twenty Hertz)

“Liquid sunset” is definitely a great album in Paul Bradley’s discography, once again highlighting this composer’s incredibly quick ascension to the very top of my personal list in the ever-too-densely populated area of electronic dronescaping. As usual, Paul does not reveal his sources and immediately starts a slow wave dance where real and imaginary harmonic shifts and constantly changing realities morph into perennially altered states, contraptions and expansions succeeding in a natural-sounding blur of sensual astonishment. As the sinuous spirals of shimmering wonders find their way around our freedom of movement, one can’t help but appreciate Bradley’s use of accurate yet extremely moderate programming; his creations become almost tangible, sort of “solid vapours” in absence of gratuitous vacuity. Bells and whistles don’t belong in this majestic sparkler’s sound world, as Paul is DEEP – and many people should learn from him.