PAUL BRADLEY – Searching For The Way

(The Locus Of)

This gentleman couldn’t release bad records if we paid him. His new contribution to The Locus Of is a serene meditation for stratified cirri of static sounds, in all probability derived by heavily processed guitars (the man is always ready to surprise me, though). A whole slide show of oneiric atmospheres, halfway through conscious modulations between clustery dissonance and gradual openings towards constantly expanding galaxies typical of the best space music, if this definition still carries some weight. We’re left suspended mid-air ever since the very first moments of the track, and never brought down until the end; the last few minutes are instead used by the composer to subtract certain frequencies to the wall of stringed amorphousness, so that the aural shapes get beautifully similar to the engrossing droning of Andrew Chalk and Mirror, that place where the word “harmony” assumes the most important of meanings. There’s not much more to be said, besides inviting you to add this little pearl to your personal Bradley necklace.


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