PAUL BRADLEY – Sketches From Dust

(Twenty Hertz)

I vividly recall that one of my first encounters with music based on slowly drifting, alluring synthetic waves was Kit Watkins’ double whammy “Thought tones 1+2″, which to this day I consider a most enjoyable listen in that sense. Somehow, certain sections of “Sketches from dust” brought those albums back in my mind, but Paul Bradley has well surpassed that intensity by now. Not only he’s quickly become a reference name in this field, Bradley has already travelled several “extracorporeal” paths with several essential releases that, in their economy of means, have demonstrated an integrity level that fascinates even an old grumbler like this writer. This disc is yet another fine chapter in the Englishman’s oeuvre, its fading lights and shifting unstable harmonics the cradle for a beneficial infinite sensual nirvana. The slow dance of the frequencies is beautiful to contemplate, as the deep resonance and indecipherable mystery of these currents throw us into a sense of standstill, much appreciated in these days of growing tension, social danger and even climatic menace for the poor, deluded insects that we, the so-called sentient beings, indeed are; the bell-like, low piano notes heard in the final section sing a requiem to human cheapness. One can read and study throughout its life and pretend to be fulfilled; but one of these superb drones should be enough to teach the most important thing, the one that’s never learnt, namely to speak no more.


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