I love the label’s description of this 100-copy limited edition CDR, which talks about “a disturbing atmosphere of surveillance, paranoia and desolate space”. Indeed, the three segments presented by Sindre Bjerga and Ian Iversen, who are among the noisemongers using the means at their disposal with compositional competence rather than stupid rage, are effectively functional in many of their applications; they even work at lower volume in a sort of gloom-drenched ambient music. There’s always a sort of thrumming underground pulse that gives a definite direction to the mass of hiss, rumbles and moaning reiterations that characterize the tracks; the diversity, in this lo-fi heterogeneous jumble of anti-relational information, resides in its implicit harmonic content, which pushes the brain towards the acceptance of the inescapable. We expect something, but that something never happens; meanwhile, the sound appears like an external background in which the mind adapts quite effortlessly, no questions asked. The half-hour duration helps to avoid any potential doubt; the record is concise and intelligently realized, one of the best noise works that I heard in years. Noise? This is just good music.


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