(Utan Titel)

My first encounter with Bjerga and Iversen is a pretty short live set, recorded in 2004 at Oslo’s Brugata. The guys dabble with amplified electronics, various objects and ground noise, the latter a major presence throughout the whole CD. More than the refined undulations of people like Mattin or Graham Halliwell, “The Oslo groove machine” looks for a barely restricted control of a rather industrial sound, with metallic tampering and pre-adrenalin slow movements which rarely abandon the territories of rusty rumbling interference. It’s a familiar, fleshy, relatively invigorating exercise in maintainance of expectancy, as the duo keeps its head down, holding us in a continuous waiting for a full-blast eruption that never comes. In their raw-sounding genuine approach, these gentlemen remind me of the Russian group ZGA – but their personality is clearly defined.