Well, there’s not much that I can add to this music, literally speaking for itself. Just be thankful for that second-hand ferro cassette where these two improvisation were taped in absence of better means, as the muddy quality of the recording just adds to the visceral, bloody playing of these four greats. Borgmann and Brötzmann exchange the sound and the fury, starting with a chant or with some melodies that could stand alone – like hymns, in a way – approaching straight phrasing from a parallel road and coming to a blowout where everyone cries – including their own hearts. While Rashied Bakr is an incessant torrent of rhythmic suggestions and drives the quartet like there’s no tomorrow, I can’t avoid thinking William Parker is the most prominent voice here, also due to his “in front” place in the mix: you’d have to be clinically dead if his powerful lines, ripping chords and poignant instrumental clairvoyance failed to catch your throat and fill it with gasps.


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