The title could be a little misleading, since Blechmann and Kwang are not selling meditative resonance or deep hums; instead, “Drone” is a composition – neither mixed nor mastered by its originators – for prepared mixer and laptop. The slow/speedy/slow complexion of the basic pulse helps the electronic element to introduce a sense of displacement – particularly evident when listening by headphones – enhanced by hardly perceivable frequencies on the extremes of the scale. At about 40 minutes into the piece, we’re left with subsonics juxtaposed with piercing highs tending to the realms of ultrasounds; the music has finally reached its fixed equilibrium, the innocence of the initial exploration of the aural space has given way to a glacial manifestation of human impotence. Sustaining almost one hour through such a course of restrained sonic acts comes as a major plus for these silent analyzers of our head’s chances; declaring “Drone” as an excellent release is the least we can do after being left suspended, waiting for answers we don’t need.


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