(A Silent Place)

Old-style LPs seem to be preferred by musicians whose output deals with mental displacement. In this album, Tom Carter – of Charalambides fame – lends his guitar while Vanessa Arn furnishes us with a healthy dose of electronics in a music that really doesn’t ask for many words to be described: two sides of shapeless timbral spectra whose main gradation is uncertainty, trembling figures and lysergic entities where glissando, tremolo and hum represent the basic factors in about 36 minutes of instrumental roaming that we could easily associate to a lot of ambits, possessing a raw kind of fascination that makes it not only acceptable as a whole, but definitely pleasing in various instances. The wavering character of this concept might cause listeners to cease any intellectual activity, concentration left behind in favour of total relax, especially in settings like the one found today (a cold Sunday afternoon of a bad November day, the air transmitting a quite depressing pre-snow feeling). Just strings and waves, fluttering high then falling down, noise and background activities all part of the recording. No need for perfection, then: “What is here for?” is exactly what it is and, taken in the right moment, even worth of the “repeat” button, at not excessive volume given the customary imperfections of the vinyl that, at least in my case, always spoil the ceremony.


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