Armed only with a Roland Sound Canvas synth module, Warren Burt creates music that’s pretty much in the vein of electronic composers of the sixties; he quotes Palestine and La Monte Young as influences, though I don’t hear much of them in the five pieces presented here. Exploring microtone junctions and superimposing chordal waves after tuning his machine in uncommon ratios and scales, Burt sends his message to our ear quite politely but at the same time inviting you to keep an eye always open; just when you’re relaxing to an apparently consonant drone, he pinches your lobe with some harsh timbral variation or with an unexpected harmonic movement. Then, forget about minimalism and think instead of Laurie Spiegel or Morton Subotnick; that will give you a better idea of Burt’s approach. An uncontaminated musician’s self portrait, perfectly represented on this nice release.