BEEHATCH – Beehatch


A new venture by Phil Western (whom I didn’t know; he is a producer and DJ active both as solo performer and with Download and platEAU) and Mark Spybey, of Zoviet France renown and a teammate of James Plotkin in one of my choice drone albums of all time, “A peripheral blur”. This disc was prepared via internet, the musicians never meeting directly if not in a (very) early performance in Vancouver, deciding to do something together after 10 years or so. “Beehatch” is a rather light album in regard to the Touching Extremes canon, yet well made and, in the main, nice to the ears. Sharp electronics, imposing chorales of sampled voices morphing into godly manifestations, skilled synthesis. But also techno, drum’n’bass and sections that almost sound like a workstation’s demo. In those instances as well the couple inserts some slight disturbance or a few shapeless sounds so that an apparently silly concept becomes tolerable enough not to stop the playback. File under “oddity” without too many questions, and everything will work out okay.


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