BELONG – October Language


Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones, from New Orleans, are the human element behind Belong; with “October language” they have managed to produce an apocalyptic soundtrack for the succumbing ones, a sort of ill elegy depicting the transition from the final part of life to death, evoked through montages of looping materials – sliding orchestral modulations, chorales, instrumental lamentations – put through a massive distortion treatment to the point of, er, disintegration. Indeed, the press notes declare William Basinski and Fennesz as Belong’s main influences – and there are moments (for example, “Who told you this room exists?”) in which these influences cross the borders of plagiarism. But there are lots of good things in this CD, like the stunningly beautiful title track, which get me prone to pardoning the “offense”, since Dietrich and Jones are capable of eliciting strong emotional reactions through their already evident personality; they do it by challenging our fear of the unknown with heavyweight intensity and pitiless stretching of the unconscious. Play loud – and prepare yourselves to the end.


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