BILLY BAO – R’n’R Granulator


Billy Bao’s noisy supergroup comprises Xabier Erkizia, Alberto Lopez, Pablo Reche, Mattin and Alan Courtis. Four truly sick tracks find the comrades playing ultra-distorted, angular guitar lines which get annihilated and/or chomped and spit out by various kinds of computer treatment, while the longest piece “El grado zero del pulso” is an extremely minimal percussive beat, echoed by modified ghosts of frequency as the time goes by. The record ends with a wonderful low rumble that extends its duration for long minutes, like a never ending thunder capable to lull us to sleep instead of scarying us. As usual with everything coming from Mattin’s label, there is no compromise to any aesthetic law: the music is harshly sincere and direct to the bone; take it or leave it, this is as essential and brutally honest as you can get.


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