DAVID BERNABO – Graphic Scores

(Abstract On Black)

Multi-talented David Bernabo is both Abstract On Black’s superintendent and an artist active in the audiovisual field. As you might easily figure out alone, “Graphic scores” is an album built upon the sonic interpretation of “visual markings and cues”, played on an assortment of different means – acoustic guitars, sitar, dulcimer, electronics, percussion, voice, viola and violin – by the boss with the help of Ben Harris, Daryl Fleming and Megan Williams, either semi-regularly or through what the world knows as “extended techniques”. There’s not a lot to say other than remarking the great capriciousness and multiplicity of this nonfigurative (indeed) material, whose range expands more or less everywhere without actually deepening any of the points touched, just giving us pure sounds in bursts and flashes. From yelping gurgles-in-water to peculiar explorations of the non-existent relations between disenfranchised strings and random hints to instrumental open-mindedness (intangible as this concept may be, but you do the work after I did mine), clutches of good things that deserve to be listened to do exist here, although one might want not to ask too much to the music in regard to its permanence in the memory.


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