GIANLUCA BECUZZI / FABIO ORSI – Wildflowers Under The Sofa

(Last Visible Dog)

There are occasions in which simplicity wins over pretense. Becuzzi and Orsi – this being their third album together – bring us three tracks whose primary ingredient is the slightly amorphous resonance that a superimposition of guitars generate. I really couldn’t say if they managed to get all of these engrossing gradations through the sheer detuning of some of the strings in small percentages – a sort of “just intonation guitar”, if you will – or only via effective processing methods. The fact of the matter is that the large part of this record sounds quite beautiful, without exception. When the clouds of harmonics are not hovering around the listener’s head, quavering arpeggios and pretty delicate thematic materials keep good company just the same. Points of comparison, rather distantly, could be individuated in Peter Wright and Birchville Cat Motel, but don’t take my word as Bible on this: the duo shows its own distinct personality, the music certainly less dramatic – and probably also less powerful – than the artistic entities in question. Becuzzi and Orsi found their niche, and it’s a very pleasing place to visit; they’re not overconfident, yet this fragility is a winning card. An inspired proposal that works harmoniously with peaceful minds in a quiet setting.


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