Arrived at their second CD as a duo, Han Bennink and Terrie Ex present a series of curiously titled improvisations that won’t delude those who are acquainted with the creative fantasy and anarchic tendencies of the components. Drums and guitar is not an easy pairing; let’s face it, the risk of boring the audience is pretty high. No danger here: the pluralist approach of Bennink allows the limbs to follow three or four different logics at once, his use of the colours of the drum set uniquely rebel to any rhythmic common sense. He’s a very intelligent drummer, one of the wittiest explorers of techniques around, and the interaction with Ex’s guitar is just perfect. On the opposite side, the latter is an animal in the hands of someone who does not want to know about a regular phrase, chord or scale. We’re talking grunts, moans, hollers and yells; we hear feedback and hum as concrete elements of a “sound”. There is not a single moment when one can guess in advance what will happen an instant later. The dynamics that Ex throws up in this slapping game are efficiently invigorating, his timbres leaking oil and rusting the air. Brisk musicianship all over the album, conversations brought forth with clever irony and no fear of errors. Like improvised music should always be, this is fresh, vivid playing that doesn’t ask for anything more than being serenely enjoyed.