KEITH BERRY – The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish


Perseverance, circumspection, specularity. Longsuffering renouncers should never expect to be rewarded with anything different from an additional repassage through their own voiceless doubts; just like followers will continue to hold their breath until the necessity of oxygen will finally clear their salt-burned eyes, consumers of juvenilia will always be linked to moments and events that don’t exist anymore – and maybe they were fallacious in the first place. Then, your time to delineate a personality is up and of course you’re gonna pay for it, but indefiniteness becomes an instant gratification for those needing to hide behind a mental shelter; yet, it’s likely that sorrow will constantly be a faithful companion throughout the trip. Thus, consider “The ear that was sold to a fish” like an undespoiled retrieved drawing of the many and one personal projections generated during childhood’s games, all gathered under an incommensurable shadow of heartbreaking awareness which won’t stop swallowing the few remains of that time we believed abundant and now are crying about as mostly wasted.


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