(Chat Blanc)

Joshua Convey, Stephen Fiehn and Steven Hess’ sounds – appearing as “pt1/1 original w/mix” in the final track of this 3-inch CD, a hypnotic Tortoise-meet-Can interlacement featuring chugging non-rhythms spiced with jangling strings and moaning opacities – were reworked by Keith Berry in the remaining two tracks of the set. “Floating weeds (for Yasujiro Ozu)” starts with a few treated sources (apparently, rain and slowed down crickets but I’m not really sure: Keith is a master of the unlikely transformation) that immediately get embraced by a warm superlunar drone bringing us right back to the beginning of our atavic doubts. The best is yet to come, though: “The other shore” is a marvel of a piece, in the same vein of the recent “58° North” DVD’s soundtrack released by Berry with Iain Stewart. The resignation to a still unknown fate is wrapped by an engrossing mantle of synthetic emanations moving in the low regions of the audio spectrum; upon this cloud of grief a barely perceptible, inherent embryonic melody characterizes this poignant combination, which I’d gladly enjoy for hours. “Bleu: résultat” comes in a limited edition of 111 copies; those who love the involved artists’ work should not miss this microgem.


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