“Coincident” comprises five pieces, four of which commissioned by Phil Julian (Cheapmachines) who asked for a 4-minute location recording to be realized exactly at the same hour of the same day (19:00 GMT, 15 October 2005) by the participants. Behrens responded with creaks, knocks and thumps of a table and a chair (plus his sighs while working), Phillips submitted a taped conversation, Cheapmachines collaged domestic noise with radio/television zapping and interference and Berry processed the sounds of an indirect hot water cylinder with contact microphones, this being the only contribution with a kind of harmonically resonating content. The four tracks were layered together in a fifth one, which became a (still too short) specimen of moving textures constituting an interesting patchwork of real life sonic snapshots. It’s a pretty simple concept that could be exploited in myriads of combinations and – although headphone listening is recommended in the CD notes – the effect is intriguing also by pressing the repeat button and utilizing “Coincident” as unquiet ambient music.


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