Find me, if you can, someone more intransigent in sonic research than Francisco Lopez and Marc Behrens; I was sure in advance about the value of this 2-CD release and of course I didn’t fail. Working on the same basic materials, namely recordings made at Frankfurt airport, Marc and Francisco put their definite personality stamp on the sound mass, directing the energy ejections as they please in a series of aural maps that mark silence with groundbreaking effluvia, finally arriving to inhabit it without our senses’ complete approval. Behrens is more than happy to bring us right into a distorted overload: large parts of space are filled with snarling white noise and scathing frequencies, with long moments of almost total absence of sonic content to balance the yin/yang element of the composition. The same extreme measures of calmness are applied by Lopez in his customary way: minutes of pure whisper-to-nothingness, the only sound is blood pressure in your ear and maybe a virtually inaudible hiss; then, a monstrous growth of perturbed audiovisuals is shown only to be completely burnt out by torrential insufflations of instabile laptop violence, bringing the whole to a clicking quasi-standstill – again.


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