Gracile but determined, tending to the high spheres of psychoacoustic whispering, “Plastic” is a massive demonstration of genius by these two masters of the art of attributing deep significance to inanimated materials, like shopping bags or medicine packages. An intense, under-the-skin bubbling activity is gradually revealed; images dissolve in fractions of seconds to disclose follicles and particles which – opening and changing their shapes – launch our sense of aural perception in a ruthless infrasound rollercoaster, proposing a whole new series of decoding signals which we’d better be ready to accept pronto if we want to keep in touch with sonic evolution. Even more beautiful to my ears is the second disc “Metal”, which was started during a cleaning day at Behrens’ place; here the not-so-subliminal titillations of forgotten steel objects originates longitudinal waves and less than domesticated impingements which saturate the air with menacing rumbles and implacable clangours. The space between these vivid manifestations is inhabited by self-centred whirlwinds of celestial elucubrations that could teach a lot to many practicers of pseudo-experimental infotainment; on the contrary, Behrens and Heyduck’s procedures avoid any pourparler to get straight to the core of a sound that’s among the most propositional I’ve heard in a while.