(A Question Of Re_entry / Organized Music From Thessaloniki)

After the extraordinary “Allotropie”, Alfredo Costa Monteiro shows once again his instant-composition talent with paper and microphones, this time in the honourable company of Pascal Battus, armed with the same instruments. The core of the question is that the sounds generated by the duo were captured on tape without any processing or effects, which is all the more astonishing when one hears the mind-dazzling variety of abnormal emissions, ranging from the most delicate (?) hissing caress to the harshest methods of distortion, all the while being surrounded by falling bombs, shrapnel-like fusillades, deformed whistles, crunch-and-munch morsels of insane noise. I suppose that the techniques used by the couple comprise the use of the mouth at least, but with this kind of maniacs you can never be sure of anything. The metaplastic quality of this music confines with a sense of jeopardy: well-trained listeners are already acquainted with this feeling. Two gentle sonic energumens who decided long ago that trying to explain a concept with words is totally useless. They do it with sound itself, which is always the best. Schismatic gestures and ominous emissions that the ears need to reinforce our structures.


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