The propulsive drumming of Bianco and the continuously ripping sax of Dunmall (particularly awesome on the soprano in the second CD of this double set, 62 minutes named “The teepees dive deeply”) are the main colours in this release. More than in other Emanem recordings, this has a contemporary “jazzy” feel and – with ideas flowing one after another, often without stopping for VERY long spurts – it nevertheless results as a pretty relaxing meeting among complex musical personalities. What’s really different here is the use of bass: in the hands of Mattos, who plays on the first set “Hour Glass”, you get classic deep, solid notes; the instrument is meant as a strong expressive communicator and meshes perfectly in a global conversation. On the other hand, with the pluri-stringed A.L.L. bass played by Rogers, one can almost smell wood, being its character a little more “light-hearted” than the regular acoustic bass (but what a sound…likely to be appreciated by guitarists more than bassists). Tony Bianco’s light but steady pulse and the never ending lung pumping by Paul Dunmall are absolutely astonishing; the same old “thumbs up” is required, but that’s no news to the label’s aficionados.


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