VINCENT BERGERON – Philosophie Fantasmagorique

(Vincent Vit Et Sent Comme Un Berger Rond)

Here is a curiosity for those who are REALLY curious – did you look at the label’s name? Canadian Bergeron composed this artefact “with an imaginary movie in his mind” (a pretty worn out concept by now) about “an artist who finds his identity in a confused world” – an undecipherable scenario from this perspective, since my fluency in French is insignificant and the record is wholly sung in that language, or in an English-French mixture. Not that this man sings “regularly”: no, VB rambles with a timbre which is peculiar to say the least – picture a cross between a culturally developed turkey and a castrato who loves serialism. The protagonist’s voice is constantly present, female contributions shortly appearing somewhere, together with minimal help from other participants. What’s nice is a good portion – maybe three quarters – of the instrumental foundation, standing halfway through sampladelia and theatre of absurd, crazed loops and unpredictable pre-recorded sources alternating with out-of-control electronic and acoustic instruments. In the first part it sounds quite interesting – sort of “John Oswald meets Albert Marcoeur” – but overall there’s a slight bit of “too much everywhere” to define this a totally valid release. I do see germs of unadulterated creativity in there, yet what needs to be done is either reducing the program’s length or giving the music some relief every once in a while. Bergeron’s vocal character itself is funny at the beginning, yet as minutes elapse one gets used to the perennial eloquence, which becomes a drag at the end. A little less please, and we’re all set. Building upon the most intriguing orchestrations – the sound-seaming work is almost flawless indeed – will have to be the starting point for the next chapter. File under “Self-believing in sounding strange, partially succeeding”.


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