There are records that were born to be milestones since the very beginning, without further explanation needed. One just starts playing them, and something clicks – “that’s it” – their presence becoming instantly necessary. The fact that “Untitled” was reissued only four years after its first release (on the Spekk label) says it all; then again, circa 17 minutes of additional materials were added in this edition (remastered by Taylor Deupree), so enthrallingly gorgeous that alone are worthy of owning this CD. For the aliens that didn’t get the chance of listening to the original, this album is the result of a collaborative friendship that started with Chartier sending tracks to Basinski, then working on a piece tentatively called “The garden of brokenness” (the title, as you probably know, will be subsequently used for another recording). The New Yorker adapted Chartier’s “very rich” slowly spinning soundscapes to his own experiments with tape loops and a Voyetra 8 synthesizer; given both artists’ concordance on the good quality of the studio-manipulated final version, blissful history was made. The new pieces comprise more recent sonic circumstances by the couple, including sounds from the “Mixing desk” installation in Saratoga, California from 2006. While the earliest segments maintain the hypnotizing radiance of a heavenly succession of cyclic events, constituting what can be defined as the best ambient music of the 21st century – grace and geometry weighing exactly the same in the overall architecture – the third and newest part adds a touch of mysterious emotion to the whole, exploiting the desire of fully opening our inner essence to vibrational resonance through emotional washes of droning communions, slightly scarred by crackling disturbances and metallic shimmers. As usual, few means to a majestic end – and every abused concept of presumed “perfect cosmic order” becomes useless, for the umpteenth time. People keep talking while those who really know get to the point.


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