AIDAN BAKER – At The Base Of The Mind Is A Coiled Serpent

(Le Cri De La Harpe)

The subtle line dividing pure pleasure and blissful discomfort is often walked over by Aidan Baker in this album, whose basic live tracks were later reworked in the studio. Exercising his signature guitar loopscapes as a paintsprayer does on a wall, Baker applies a series of imperceptibly modifying modulations that result as sonically charming as menacingly undulating, a rapture of echo and flanger spreading all over the place. Even in the more dissonant juxtapositions, Baker’s stamp remains totally individual. The music is never evil-tempered, offering instead a placatory, almost ritualistic bewitchment that brings more answers than questions. The Canadian guitarist is a thoroughbred enticer amidst otherwordly scintillations of lucid dreams: this is yet another chapter in a thick book of aural rewards.


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