AIDAN BAKER – At The Fountain Of Thirst

(Mystery Sea)

This record is a must-have. First of all because it contains Baker’s absolute masterpiece “Rusalka” (which, as the other three tracks, was inspired by the tale of a water nymph). Here a rhythmic cadence, a melody apparently born from water itself, and what sounds like the very creature’s cry (in actuality, a guitar loop superimposition) conjointly contribute to a state of intense mesmeric emotion. This gem should not deviate your attention from other beauties such as “Lorelei” or the initial “Melusine”, where one’s forced to lower the loudness level in order to let the room accomodate the complex morphology of the adjacent spectra. The last composition on offer is “Undine”, based on a string-picked tremolo tapestry in which a magic roundabout of everlasting memories is left spinning in the shadow of our own melancholy. Don’t let this exceptional disc slip away towards the oblivion dictated by artistic ignorance.


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