AIDAN BAKER & BETA CLOUD – An Open Letter To Franz Kafka

(Laughing Bride Media)

An atypical record (well, not too much) involving Aidan Baker. The immediately evident discrepancy is that the guitar is not handled by the Canadian, but his partner Carl Pace (Beta Cloud) – who also manipulates trumpet and synthesizers – is in charge of the axe operations this time, as Baker is instead exclusively performing on flute. Apart from a slightly more evident pulsating scansion and the hint of “melody” distinguishing the beginning of the disc, the customary stratified vapours of stretched out sounds that we expect from this sort of release are at hand and welcome, although characterized in this circumstance by a manifest acridness and a quantity of electronic trouble. A cross of psychedelic rock and less-than-ethereal, frequently dissonant trance at times bathed in distortion and feedback, sounding reasonably blissful nevertheless, at least for the bulk of the album – and especially in the conclusive track “Brief an Milena”, probably the best segment together with “Brief an Felice”. An attractive diversion from the loopmeister’s canons, while my first aural encounter with Beta Cloud can definitely be considered an encouraging one.


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