AIDAN BAKER – Butterfly Bones

(Between Existence)

You may change some of the factors, but Aidan Baker’s deep sonorities and instantly recognizable style remains something I could be exposed to all day long. In a way, we’re here introduced to his vision of the future (???) of drum ‘n’ bass: just listen to “I Dreamt You Left”, where slow patterns of broken beat mix with clouds of loops slightly darkened by a loose sadness. From another point of view, “Hardly Human” samples a raged voice to create a lopsided form of sordid delight. The Canadian guitarist has managed to carve a personal niche very effectively through quality and artistry shown in copious doses with each and any of his releases. Baker is the required healer for sore consciences, a studious assembler of immaterial imaginations through the utter command of an instrument incessantly raped by undeserving plink-plonkers everywhere. However, in Baker’s hands the guitar spools and spirals inside labyrinths of veritable emotional truth, and even from the harsh distortion of the title track shards of scintillating matter linger on, then fly away once and for all.


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