AIDAN BAKER – Candescence

(Verato Project)

The continuous flow of Aidan Baker’s releases is fuelled by an incessant creativity where “ineffective repetition” and “tiredness” are banned expressions. Candescence consists of six tracks (all sounds, even the percussive ones, generated by guitar and bass) whose identity becomes recognizable as soon as the first seconds have elapsed. The consistency, the depth, the evocative factors are splendidly prominent in this series of structured meditations. Baker shows new sides of his artistic being, crossing his usual magic illusions and trademark looping with pulsating devices which, on occasion and for short glimpses, reminded us of Jon Hassell or Rapoon. Changing your listening position during these 53 minutes will cause the detection of inner murmurs and imaginary voices moving around the room and playing a game of peek-a-boo with your daydreams. This is something that only a top-rank low-frequency manipulator such as Baker can activate, and he just keeps doing it. Time and again.


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