AIDAN BAKER – Field Of Drones


Recorded live during Summer Solstice’s night in 2003, Field Of Drones is one of the most ethereal records in Aidan Baker’s (luckily) prolific career. As usual, the guitar is the lone means employed to generate a cascade of looping, shining-all-over beauty, often accompanied by a cricket drone for good measure. Listening to the first track “Twilight” made me feel privileged: suffocated basses, invisible chanting and the general sense of spell characterize this long-distance call from the heavenly hills of acoustic contemplation. “Darkness Encroaching” is a little more menacing, but still utterly emotional in its compositional maturity. “Shadows” is a final liberation, the flight to a coveted shelter on the top of a cloud: music that might even affect the stone-hearted, describing the ultimate leap into the inner peace we’re constantly craving. We can’t know it now, but it looks to me that Baker has already been enlightened.


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