(Transient Frequency)

A track featuring Baker’s vocals and a string section by Lisa Rossiter-Thorton are enough to raise the levels of curiosity around this release, whose streamy character remains evident throughout its duration. Figures comprises slightly more tangible matters than many of the Canadian’s other albums. In fact, it’s mainly built upon slow arpeggios and patterns that add a sort of neo-psychedelic touch to the compositions, mostly in the title track and in “Figure 3″. Rossiter-Thorton’s frail tones contribute to a sense of violated intimacy which in any case doesn’t alter the general strategy of hypnosis and entrancement, particularly exalted by the frippertronic-like fuzzy waves of “Figure 1″. Yet, the record’s most poignant incantation comes with “Figure 2″, a plumbeous sky portrayed through the reiteration of intertwining muzzled guitar lines. The highest lyrical degree inside an unfathomable radiance permeated by a deep pain.