(Die Stadt)

The traditional event-related CD issue by Die Stadt sees the two members of Nadja in separate solo sets at first then working together as duo, as the world by now knows them. The concert at “Friese” in Bremen on April 20, 2008 was the occasion to show the diverse yet corresponding talents of Baker and Buckareff, who – not surprisingly – present the most hypnotic suggestions over the course of their soloist exhibitions, reserving the more muscular kind of entrancement for the Nadja performance. The guitarist starts from a series of static layovers to engender cascades and garlands of tremulous notes, the constant billowing of spotless tones at the basis of ten minutes of idyllic floating around the same tonal centre. Buckareff remains, quite expectedly, in the lower districts of the frequency spectrum; the gradual slow pulse of the piece is as bewitching as her partner’s, a black cloud of threat perennially hovering upon the listener’s head, without lightning. The final and longest track finds Nadja introducing a skeletal cadenced component in their dome of harshly saturated drones, the result slightly martial but equally stirring – especially when the volume goes way up. Nothing more, nothing less than the commendable qualities we always expect from both these artists and the German label.


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