AIDAN BAKER – Periodic

(Crucial Bliss)

Even if quite atypical when compared to his abitual drone works, Aidan Baker’s “Periodic” is a thunderous statement by the Canadian sound (de)constructor. Generated by “manipulated/damaged/re-assembled cassette 4-track recordings of electric/acoustic guitars and drums”, this has to be Baker’s most serious attempt to enter the realm of hallucinating post-industrial disease. Surreal nightmares and incinerating eruptions of post-mortem frequencies make us think about collapsing buildings; during semi-organic assemblages of mantric desperation, all instruments melt into harsh concoctions where even the roughest pulse gets chewed and digested by superior evil forces. The hiss and the distortion of the tapes add a nice touch of degradation to an album whose emotional level diminishes with the passage of time, like if we already knew we’re directed straight to hell. The hypnotic concentration of many of Aidan’s masterpieces is here reduced to burning coal – but, naturally, the final result remains absolutely noteworthy.


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