Ever wondered how Aidan Baker’s enthralling guitar sounds could be applied to different, if not opposite contexts? The answers lie in these treatments of the Canadian’s sonic sources by the eleven featured artists. “Remixes” is more a curiosity than a proper Baker release, nevertheless it’s worth a good listen as all tracks suggest a nice alternative approach to Aidan’s hypnotic figurations. Apart from the drum’n’bass/techno oddities of people like Millimetric and Naw (the latter’s “Cloning” sounds more Muslimgauze than Baker…), there are some real jewels: Andrea Marutti is pretty respectful of the original piece, his reconstruction of “Metamorphose, 2nd stage” quite beautiful with its powerful drones on the verge of explosion, while Cordell Klier’s “I’ve been waiting for you” is a glacial observation of a dying world. Fear Falls Burning’s “Gossamer” is highly evocative in its nightmarish colours; the same could be told of “When you scream…” by Troum, verily the most PinkFloydian track of the whole disc, which is aptly concluded by a majestic superimposition of humming guitars by Duane Pitre/Pilotram, whose “Disfigured” is maybe the most incisive statement in a peculiar album.


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