AIDAN BAKER – Songs Of Flowers & Skin


After becoming one of the most appreciated overlords of loop/drone-based music in recent years, Aidan Baker – pretty courageously should I say – presents us with a totally different project, an MP3-only album of songs featuring his whispering voice besides his usual multi-instrumental abilities. Scents of Pink Floyd characterize many sections, more as a general rarefaction of concepts than an effective musical influence, but Baker’s style comes out inexorably even in such a context; “Take me out of my” is based on one of his fantastic guitar tapestries, soon becoming a mesmerizing protection against any evil external ugliness, while the instrumental “Dance dance dance” features an almost sorrowful trumpet by Lucas Baker, punctuating a tune that is vaguely reminiscent of the most refined British pop of the 80s. A pleasant experience, revealing subtle layers of significance after repeated listenings.


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