AIDAN BAKER – The Sea Swells A Bit…

(A Silent Place)

Three new handwritten messages from the hermitage of placental guitar stratification, courtesy of Touching Extremes’ admittedly favourite looper, whose output level – both in quantity and quality – would suggest some sort of subscription to ensure long hours of blissful concentration. To the tracks: “The sea swells a bit…” opens the album with a two-chord slow litany, a succession of quivering radiations, concentric circles, barely detectable drums. A sense of wholeness pervades the room, its levity mixed with the pre-storm wind brushing the tree leaves on the outside; a masterpiece in the tradition of the very best work by Aidan. The splendidly titled “When sailors die” explores a drum pattern-cum-undefined bass line in an engrossing piece whose malaised lyricism induces the demise of our faddishness by putting a veil of subdued menace all around the mental places. “Davey Jones’ locker” begins with a Pink Floyd-like arpeggiated invocation, immediately confronted by “spirit voices” captured on tape; then a new drum design comes in and the rest of the instruments follows accordingly, bringing the listener towards the fringe of what could be defined as 21st century psychedelia. Aidan Baker doesn’t know the meaning of “pas faux”; his artistic level remains several tides (pun intended) in advance compared to the average flock of wannabes he’s usually – erroneously – associated with.


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