In this release, the always prolific Baker changed a bit of method as the five tracks of “Traumerei” are each played on a different instrument replacing the usual haze of electric guitar drones, here represented only by the title track. “Reve” superimposes slow flute melodies with a sapient choice of dynamics, recalling ancient rituals and amorphous ectoplasmic entities. The more mechanical character of “Reversion” for acoustic guitar is followed by a towering monster of low-frequencies-cum-distortion in a pretty atypical bass piece called “Trauma”. Aidan saves the best for last: “Reveiller” sees him manipulating a violin with masterful sensitiveness in a series of glissando layers and string plucks which form the basement of the album’s best track, a cross of eastern trance and luminous contemplations. “Traumerei” closes the show Baker-style, its gentle guitar arpeggios and sinuous looping developing into cathedrals of clouds and strangled cries for help.