BARK! – Contraption


Against the laziness of the cerebral circuits, and virtually dedicated to the brigade that waits for the moment in which music will be brought back to the ones who should officially own it, comes this exercise in uncontrollable instigation to disobedience recorded by Rex Casswell (electric guitar), Phillip Marks (percussion) and Paul Obermayer (samples). Nine tracks that fight the e-commerce of presets, laptops and pro-tooled bedclothes through the one and only available weapon: instant fancifulness. “Interplay” is a word that’s too often used without really considering its real meaning; this time, though, it makes all the sense in the world, as these three musicians not only listen – with the utmost attention – to what they reciprocally do, but also let us intuit what’s going to fill the blank spaces, leaving a little margin for the sounds to self-determine in order to extract immediate reactions and indeterminate enthusiasm from our systems, cranial twitches and spastic foot-beats augmenting their intensity in parallel with the puddles of scintillating liquids and ruptured percussive patterns characterizing spectacular tracks like “Snout” or “Mr Pointy”, the latter my overall favourite (think Last Exit put in a meat grinder with Bill Bruford’s trademark snare drum). Contrarily to many well known improvising motor-mouths whose redundancy leads them to repeated three-and-outs, Bark! is that kind of ensemble that deteriorates the patience of saints through insistent pricks to common sense that nevertheless cause an irrepressible smile of approval. A true fusion of radical gestures and wide-eyed electronic sapience that calls for an immediate check by the inquisitive minds whose goodness of heart makes them trust this obsessive scribbler.


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