(Empreintes DIGITALes)

I heard rumours about Barrett as being one of the very best acousmatic composers around today; this highly engaging record shows me those rumours are true. “Isostasie” is one of the most natural sounding releases in this label’s history, its constitution based on light touches, warm feelings, escaping glimpses, faraway remembrances. Everything revolves around electroacoustic translations of simple settings and well defined concepts, such as watching the snow falling outside the window or the excitement and fear one can get while venturing into the very depth of a forest (the truly wonderful “Viva la Selva!”). Though she studied with Jonty Harrison and Denis Smalley, Natasha has a distinct and strong personality of her own – I’d say the main influence in her music right now is the fact that she lives in Norway; her sound rises from introspective silence, then hovers around making us ecstatic, completing its cycle into the realm of that same silence where it was born.


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