(Creative Sources)

Trumpet player Ruth Barberàn belongs in that area of improvisers that play wind instruments exploiting their more obscure cavities in a completely new approach to virgin territories, thereby also inventing a modern vocabulary. In “Capacidad de pérdida”, Ruth hoards lots of strange emissions and uses them to shut down every conceivable door leading to a “conventional” way of playing: we hear expertise and ingenuity in equal doses, the instrumental machinery radically altered by some kind of goblin robbing “regular” notes and leaving breath, tongue, saliva and fingers discussing about a future that has to be completely reinvented. Hell-bent on sheer gestural significance, distrustful of everyone in the perfect ruffle between the disclosure of a new secret and the opprobrium of ignorant reactions, this girl walks away with her head well high, like if she’s telling us “Do it yourself…if you’re able to!”