No standards or ballads in this exciting duo. Just a continuous flux of wordless messages about the mortality of the flesh and the aspiration to transcendence, all generated by the fantastic playing of Baczkowski (tenor and baritone sax) and Padmanabha (drums). Profound dialogues that succeed on all accounts, achieving significant results in an artistic integrity which requires a careful study of every gesture made by the musicians as they prolong their sonic intercourses. Oscillating among the disparate aspects of a timbral unconsciousness, Baczkowski is nevertheless able to conjure up scents of Ned Rothenberg and Peter Brötzmann while also taking the opportunity of sharing his individual vision across diverse territories. Those convolutions are raging and serene at one and the same time, getting finely counterbalanced by Padmanabha’s rhythmical refractions, a combination of intelligent disturbance and technical sapience destined to nourish the ears of active listeners. Owners of their own small world, these artists show their absolute will to expand their improvisational horizons without thinking about anything else.


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