This is a highly anticipated release, as it brings more beautiful moments by the person who I believe has inherited the mantle of “king of ambient music”. Dating 1983, “The river” is a double CD consisting of two long suites, both based upon the superimposition of long loops of found sounds and shortwaves. Like in the previous – wonderful – “Disintegration loops”, Billy finds a simple way to bring the inner emotions out of us, still part of this cynical world. More than a river, I tend to link this sound with an image of myself watching a harbour immersed in the fog, standing far away and having few clues of what goes on – a boat call, a tidal wave, the quest for a communication that life itself makes more and more difficult to achieve. I love all the material but I must admit I have a slight preference for disc two, which in my opinion is a masterpiece for the years to come; try it in a low-key rainy day.


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