ANTASTEN – Echos An Kegelrändern + Excentriques


Antasten is a trio formed by Hannes Löschel, Thomas Lehn and Josef Novotny. In its general purpose, it should be an electroacoustic keyboard trio; in reality they play a very difficult music with absolutely no compromise to aesthetics, an electronic/concrete mesh of carefully researched sounds that’s likely to be completely understood and enjoyed only by people capable of hearing pure vibration and electric noise as music itself, in opposition to looking for something to memorize and repeat. That said, both of the above recordings are a continuous surprise even to my well worn ears. Excentriques sees the three men confronting one another with a dialogue full of proposals and refusals, such as a well executed piano fugue that’s completely dissected and made to pieces through filtering and distortion – or, somewhere else, a jazzier improvisation giving the illusion of a tranquil evening, only to be attacked by dissonant analogue synth oscillations. But this is just a try to describe something unreal, a record so particular you just have to listen to see it manifest itself. Echos An Kegelrändern moves more or less on the same artistic coordinates but is quite different in its sonic final result, also due to the participation of guitarist Martin Siewert and the vocals of Didi Bruckmayr (completely distorted by electronics, of course). There is a little bit more electro-freedom in this one; the trio leaves room to sound itself, treating it like a self-made creature that just wants to come out of the cave where it’s squeezed in. This is the reason why dynamics can be a little more varying and suddenly harsher to the unaware listener, bringing the overall character not so far from the audioscapes typical of “classic” acousmatic school of thought, particularly in sections when random waves keep you by the throat while perforating your brain.


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