This difficult project springs from the minds of Claus Van Bebber, Antonia Grote-Schroth, Tobias Schmitt and Günter Schroth; it is a soundtrack for a private happening, held in Oy in 2003, combining fine arts, catering, photography and music. Those who experience a sense of nausea when subjected to a continuously changing sound stimulation should not even try to get near this unbelievable computerized pastiche. Either by accident or conceptual choice, everything moves at a frantic pace as blankets of electronic shifts, crazed samples and a persevering torturing electroacoustic enigma do their best to destroy any form or scheme that could help the brain to acclimatize for more than five seconds. This decentralization is both attractive and puzzling, managing to dethrone common expectations by creating incessant dichotomies and antagonisms whose lack of solution is the main moving force after the basic idea.


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