(A Silent Place)

This is the first official CD by ARC after several minor releases; I’ll just say that it’s stunning. Four movements of convulsive rhythms and mesmerizing trance ignited by enthralling loops lead us right into a kaleidoscopic hall of mirrors, in which simple melodic fragments become the excuse to start hallucinated shaman dances around an uncertain harmonic ground. Richard Baker and Chris Kukiel prepare an apparently infinite percussive bed in which the spellbinding deluge of Aidan Baker’s guitars and flute cancels the many conventions which one easily gets used to when listening to hypnotic music made with lesser quantities of heart. Agonizing amidst the confusing rolls and penetrating clashes by the two drummers, who play like if already conscious of the absence of a future, these plangent spirals transport to a new cerebral dimension where enraged creatures from the abyss and guardian angels of cats and dogs reciprocally join their hands to demonstrate how stupid humans are. With this album ARC have elevated the concept of sensual rapture to a superior level; one can only wonder where they can possibly go from here.